Working as a waitress is a hard job, especially for the newbies who never worked this kind of job before. Making mistakes is very common and owners can forgive if it’s only minor damages. But if the damages are huge, it troubles the shop. So shop owners tend to make the newbies compensate for those damages. Ruby started working part-time at a prestigious restaurant. She was a college student and her family conditions weren’t good. So she needed money. When she was new at work, she made a huge mistake which was very costly as well. The owner was good and didn’t fire her and didn’t ask for immediate compensation. He told her to keep working and compensate for the damages by the tips she got from customers.

She was very grateful to the owner. But the tips weren’t nearly enough to compensate for the damages. But she didn’t step back. She worked very hard and even did overtimes. She didn’t show how hard it was to keep doing both studying and working. But she didn’t give up on any of that. The owner was very happy seeing her hard work. So he wanted to help her to reduce the burden. Keeping that in mind, he approached the Fox 5 Surprise Squad and informed them about her conditions. They understand her hardship and planned to help her out. They made a video with a hidden camera where they explained the whole situation Ruby was facing. They showed how she was working so hard while keeping her good grades, how gentle she was towards the customers and how happy she was even though she was struggling so much. After the video went online, everybody wanted to help her out. So they started to give her huge tips. It increased to even a thousand dollars and Ruby was so surprised and astonished that she couldn’t hold her tears. She was very grateful toward everyone and said – “she was so pleased that there are so many people who care about her.”

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